Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In Chicago for Book fo the Year Awards

In Chicago with Jennifer Szunko of ForeWord Reviews

For a writer, there are few things more thrilling and satisfying that having your work recognized. We work alone in dark rooms, muttering and moaning over our keyboards, while everyone else is outside having fun. 

It is that bad, really. Think about it. Poor us. And you are never sure whether or not what you are banging out on the blank screen will make any sense to anyone but yourself. You self-confidence all depends on your mood and how all that coffee is hitting your blood stream and if that nightmare you had last night that lingers in the air around your head is a good muse or just a terrorist.

So, when I got word that my novel, Brothers of the Fire Star, had been selected as a Finalist in a Book of the Year competition, and that the final awards would be announced in Chicago at the annual convention of the American Library Association, I was determine to be there. A couple of thousand dollars and a few terrifying airline flights later, I was.

This very nice person, Jennifer Szunko, who is with ForeWord Reviews, sponsors of the awards, found a Finalist sticker in a box under the table in her booth and let me put it on my book. Thanks, Jennifer. I've order a couple thousand more.

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